Blaue Lagune Open Air at Blaue Lagune in Wachtendonk

Sun May 11 2014 - 11:00 - 22:00
Jülich Str 1, 47669 Wachtendonk
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About Blaue Lagune Open Air

You can’t always have what you want in life. But there is an exception to every rule. The first Blaue Lagune Open Air event has everything a sophisticated party professional could dream of. First of all, Blaue Lagune is located at a beautiful lake with water clean enough to drink and a sandy beach that is about 1.000 meters long. Secondly, there will be plenty other party people ready to get loose. And last but certainly not least, the godfather of techno, Sven Väth, will be spinning a four-hour set and his only Open Air Show in NRW in 2014. After 10 successful years with Blauer See Open Air in Ratingen, Sven Väth and a variety of guest DJs are now determined to turn the small town Wachtendonk, just outside the Dutch border, into the new Mekka for the techno community.






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