Transmission Bratislava at Slovnaft Arena, Bratislava SK

Sat Mar 15 2014 - Sun Mar 16 2014 - 20:00 - 6:00
Odbojárov 831 04 Bratislava-Nové Mesto
Bratislava, Slovakia
Website: Tickets Here

About Transmission Bratislava

Transmission is one of the biggest trance festivals in the world, and is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2014. It’s held annually in Slovakia and is not your run-of-the mill festival. In fact, many consider it to be not just one of the biggest trance festivals in the world, but one of the biggest, baddest parties you’ll find anywhere. Over the last few years it’s become increasingly popular, with tickets selling out months before the event.

In addition to the exceptional music lineup, dancers are treated to incredible displays of visual animations, lasers, and exhilarating pyrotechnics. When it’s in full swing, you won’t see anything like it. Every year tens of thousands of people come out to support trance and take part in a truly unique experience.

Every year there’s a special title and theme, with the 2014 event taking on the title “The Machine of Transformation.” Though it’s stayed true to its roots, Transmission is an excellent example of how the genre has transformed over the years. Confirmed acts include Markus Shulz, Cosmic Gate, Thomas Heredia, Thomas Coastline, Vision Impossible, Orjan Nilsen, Arn EJ, and Sneijder.







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