Society Against Sad Ravers Tee Shirt [Limited Edition]

Sad ravers: The ultimate bummer at a party (besides the cops showing up). Maybe they don’t “get” the music the DJ is playing. Maybe they can’t find their friends. Or maybe they just suck at life.

No matter why they’re pouting—or perhaps you’re even the one who’s not having a blast—DJOYbeat is here to help. That’s why we’re launching the Society Against Sad Ravers so no one in the scene is without a smile again. From helping you find the right party, whether it be via keeping up-to-date on your favorite artists via their DJ pages or getting the lowdown on all the events in your city, we never want to see a sad raver again.

Want to get in on the action? Enter to win a limited edition “Society Against Sad Ravers” graphic tee below and pledge to abide by the following SASR guidelines. Happy raving!