New Kid on the Block: Jacob Plant

Jacob Plant is a newcomer to the Dim Mak family in addition to becoming a literal new kid on the block in Los Angeles. The young producer’s recent move from the UK to the US means that he’ll be that much closer to the music industry and have easier access to top-notch studios and big-name DJ mentors in the area.

He’s released a string of exciting singles that have gotten the attention of the EDM industry and has already had the chance to play major US festivals such as Lollapalooza and HARD Day of the Dead. His remix contest for his single, “Louder,” just ended and the winners are set to be revealed via Dim Mak on December 9th of this year. Plant is a sushi enthusiast, he’s a fan of Nike Roche Runs (the unofficial shoe of pretty much every DJ) and he gets his jeans at Topman. These are just a few of the small details that you’ll learn while getting to know the young progressive producer through the quick interview below:

How has the US been treating you, since your debut earlier this year?

Really good. Did my first show at Lollapalooza and then moved out here to live. I’ve been here five weeks. We’ve just been in the studio and doing gigs and stuff. It’s been great.

Have you gotten to explore much?

Yeah, we’ve had a good tour of LA so far.

So far, whats your craziest show story?

In the us?


Probably, to be honest, it’s not like a rockstar thing, but Lollapalooza was just a really good festival in general. I was on really early. It was my first gig [here] and there were loads of kids there.

What are you doing outside of your shows?

At the moment, just exploring LA. Just looking around, making music and just going out. I like eating! I like restaurants and stuff, so I can spot some bars and shit.

Your remix contest just ended, what were you looking for in the remixes?

We had lots of remixes that came through and a lot of them were just like the original. They didn’t really do much with it. So I was just looking for something different, just really different from the original.

You mean genre-wise?

Yeah. There are lots of different genres but trap and house were probably the best choices, I think.

Where do you wanna visit that you haven’t had a chance to go, yet?

Asia; China…

What would you do there?

Get sushi [laughs].

What’s your favorite pair of shoes?

My Nike Roches at the moment. It’s only cause they’re really comfy and when you jump they’re like springs.

Where do you shop for clothes? 

Online a lot. Black Scale and Nike. I always go to Topman for jeans.

If you could throw the perfect party, where would it be and who would you put on your lineup?

We played the perfect festival in Seattle. It was an underground rave. It was in a cave and it was like miles underground. So that would be the best place for a festival. Lineup-wise: people like Knife Party and GTA.

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