Random Promo of the Day: Fedde Le Grand Gets “Twisted”

At this point, the term “EDM phenomenon” may be completely exhausted and worn out, but in a market where pop-up EDM producers are a dime a dozen. Most club and festival-goers are just chasing high energy build-ups and drops. The truth is this: A lot of predictable and mediocre music gets played on the airwaves and in the clubs, especially when it comes to big room progressive and electro. Tracks begin to sound uncannily alike, and it starts to seem like producers are just repeating the same old bass pattern. So when Danny Howard announced another high-octane banger, I couldn’t help rolling my eyes despite being a long time fan of Fedde Le Grand.

I may have been too quick to judge. This tune is neither predictable nor mediocre, and after listening to it once it’s easy to understand how, less than two weeks after its premier on BBC Radio 1, “Twisted” is already receiving major buzz around the world.

The tune has everything that makes for a powerful dance floor weapon: The kick stays hard throughout the track while gritty staccato synths maintain the level of tension you need to bring a crowd to its boiling point. Over all this hard percussion, sweeping melodies carry the tune to into riveting climaxes before Le Grand slams us with the bass. Make no mistake, there’s nothing anthemic about “Twisted.” The vocals are hard and grow increasingly aggressive and shrill, eerily repeating the same throwback sample over and over again: “Your mind is twisted/ how can I resist it?”

The answer is simple: It’s a tune not meant to be resisted, with the kind of full-frontal power to launch a massive attack on revelers in main rooms around the world.

The release date has yet to be announced, but fans will undoubtedly have a chance to hear the massive hit live at any of the fifteen performances scheduled for Fedde’s international summer tour, which kicked off this last week at Ottowa’s Tall Creek Festival and will culminate in New York City’s Electric Zoo on August 31. In the meantime, fans of the tune will have the opportunity to be a part of the official music video for “Twisted.” To be considered, fans need to post three consecutive photos to Instagram with the hashtag, #TwistedSelfie. Even if you’re not chosen, tag @feddelegrand and your #Twisted picture might be featured in the video.

Still not enough Fedde for you? TuneIn just launched a brand new FLG radio station that will contain 24/7 access to dance music news and Fedde Le Grand music for all tastes, from his Dark Light Sessions to acclaimed past mixes.

Listen to the Danny Howard’s BBC Radio 1 premier of “Twisted” and join the #TwistedMovement. See below for Fedde Le Grand’s complete summer tour dates and locations.

Fedde Le Grand Summer Tour Dates

July 4 @ Urban Art Forms Festival, Graz, Austria
July 5 @ Palmesus, Kristianand, Norway
July 11 @ Ultra Europe, Split, Croatia
July 12 @ Extrema Outdoor, Best, The Netherlands
July 19 @ Airbeat One, Neustadt Glewe, Germany
August 2 @ Street Parade, Zurich, Switzerland
August 6 @ Isle of Dreams Festival, Antalya, Turkey
August 7 @ Isle of Dreams Festival, Antalya, Turkey
August 8 @ Isle of Dreams Festival, Allmend, Switzerland
August 12 @ Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary
August 23 @ South West Four, London, United Kingdom
August 31 @ Electric Zoo, New York, NY

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