Review: Andrew Rayel Brings “Harmony,” Trance History to Pacha

Trance young gun Andrew Rayel brought his Find Your Harmony set to Pacha this past Friday. Going into the show, many of us here at DJOYbeat were fans of his. After the show, this reporter left a fan ten times over. Top to bottom, one of the best shows I’ve been to in some time.

tumblr_inline_mpl49ehZt11ruk3rsPacha tends to bring solid trance crowds. Friday was no exception to that. With the main floor being so packed that some fans stayed upstairs, the place was short on personal space. Yet, aside from the drunken wanna-be tough guys (At a trance show? Really?) the night packed in the harmony that Andrew Rayel’s early summer album came with.

Andrew played a little of it all. From feel-good, floating-on-clouds trance to “Who’s afraid of…” trance, the Moldovan brought the spectrum of the genre. Earlier in the day, Andrew expressed his enthusiasm for being in the States – especially in New York City. Dropping everything from Darude and early Tiësto to modern chart-toppers, he ran the gamut with his latest stop in town.

With the entire venue eating it up, you can imagine the scene on the floor. It was wild. It was incredibly fun.

Making the night that much better, Andrew engaged with fans before the set during a meet-and-greet. When some artists phone-in their fan interactions, it’s great to see a young artist like Andrew show his fans some genuine attention. Andrew mingled with everyone discussing video games, tech, eastern European music festivals (check some out) and several other topics.

Overall, the night was top notch. Be sure to check out Andrew when he comes by your town. When many DJs these days are in it for the quick buck and popularity, Andrew Rayel represents authentic young talent alive in the dance scene. Here’s hoping that trend continues.

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