Summer is Sounding Good for Showtek

“Booyah!” Dutch brothers Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen will be spending a lot more time stateside this summer. Known to electronic music fans as Showtek, the hardstyle duo has delved into more progressive beats in recent years, thus garnering a larger fanbase and a subsequent residency at the new Drai’s Beach Club & Nightclub located in America’s EDM hotspot, Las Vegas, NV. But that’s not all for the brothers, they’re also headlining Mysterylandland USA as well as Electric Zoo (both in New York). DJOYbeat touched base with the boys, who sent over their exclusive Mysteryland mix for your listening pleasure! Oh and if that wasn’t enough Showtek, turns out you can see them at both festivals for a discounted price with the “Mysteryland USA + Electric Zoo Double-Pak” (click here).

How did the Drai’s residency come about?

The organization/club owners contacted us and we started talking about a residency; we directly were very enthusiastic to do something with them. We already heard so many good stories about this new Vegas club and the people who are involved. So we’re very excited to play [May 25 at Drai’s Beach Club] for our first time.

What are you looking forward to most about Drai’s?

Playing on rooftop day party just sounds amazing and the venue looks great! It’s our first residency in Las Vegas too, so it’s pretty special for us. We can’t wait!

How do you gear up for an event like Mysteryland and what is you favorite part about festivals?

We’re really honored to be a part of it. We’re touring all the time, preparing our sets during flights and in our hotel rooms. But we always play a lot of our own tracks. We’ll bring some massive energy to Mysteryland USA! We love Mysteryland, we played the Dutch editions a couple of times and always enjoyed the vibe; such a cool atmosphere and people dancing.

How is your label Skink Records doing and any upcoming releases? How about new Showtek releases?

It’s doing great, we’re so happy we started our own label. It gives us all the freedom to release what we’re standing for and what we want to support. It’s really cool to have a platform like this. A lot of planned releases are ready for take off, and we’re working on some new Showtek productions, too. Stay tuned!

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