A Designs ATTY Volume Attenuator

Easily control audio levels!

The A Designs Audio ATTY (rhymes with “Patty”) is a economical, no-noise, compact unit for controlling your audio level. ATTY can be connected to any audio system requiring output gain control, giving you additional power over your sound environment.

The ATTY is easy to use and seamless to connect. It is a convenient solution for controlling audio from a variety of sources. It features dual audio ins and outs, a level control knob, and a mute button.


•Line Level Control for output to prevent clipping. Use it between mic preamp and the inputs of your A/D converter.

•Place it in back of one of our tube preamps and explore different in/out level combinations without overloading your other gear.

•Use it as a Level Control to control a pair of powered monitors. The quick mute switch can come in handy as a cough drop!

•Use it as a passive line level control for guitar, bass, or keyboard amp extension speakers.

•Explore the many possibilities that ATTY has to offer in a recording envirnoment… OR check out our rackmount version, the ATTY2’D

Price: $$125.00

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