Audix PH3-S Powered Speakers

Small, yet extremely well-built 20W speakers for inconspicuous monitoring and playback.

The PH3-S delivers a high-quality contemporary sound which emphasizes a clean, articulate mid-range combined with outstanding bass. Whether you are a hobbyist or professional, the PHs-S amplified speakers are a perfect choice for any type of portable music playback system, home recording, or permanent installation.

The Powerhouse series self-powered speakers have been serving the professional audio industry for over 10 years, and . Although simple in design, they represent the latest advances in technology, utilizing hybrid amplifier components and lightweight composite cabinets. The system design incorporates a stereo amplifier in one of the speakers (the master) which in turn connects by a cable to the other speaker (the slave). The amplifier utilizes two RCA audio inputs, a 1/4″ input for the speaker cable, and a volume control knob. This makes the PH3-S speakers, like the entire Powerhouse series, are easy to setup and simple to use.

Price: $235.00

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