Denon DN-X1700 4-Channel Digital DJ Mixer

A 4-channel digital DJ mixer with capabilities for vinyl turntables, CD decks, media players, DJ software applications, and USB storage devices.

The Denon DN-X1700 DJ Mixer represents an important achievement by Denon’s research and development department that worked closely with some of the top professionals in the industry to design this DJ Mixer. The result is a market-driven professional digital mixer that is among the best in its class. Years of consultation and design have gone into the development of this Denon DJ mixer and you can rest assured, no sacrifices were made in its specifications and construction. Meticulous attention to detail, layout, and component quality make operation of the 4-channel DN-X1700 DJ Mixer extremely intuitive, and Denon’s engineers have provided every capability professional DJs will require: working with vinyl turntables, CD decks, media players, DJ software applications through laptops, and USB storage devices.

Price: $$2,199.99

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