Dynaudio Acoustics DBM50 Active Studio Monitor

Take a radically different angle to desktop mixing.

The DBM50 Studio Monitor from Dynaudio Acoustics is specifically engineered for desktop use. From it’s handcrafted Dynaudio drivers to its beautiful exterior, the DBM50 features a unique angled design to allowing you to be in the perfect listening position. Using over 35 years of experience, Dynaudio created a new woofer design for the DBM50 with a 20% larger membrane and a soft roll off giving it exceptional bass output. The DBM50 also features both RCA and XLR inputs, and EQ settings that allow it to be fit exactly into your set up weather it is a near wall placement or free standing.

From the innovative wave-guide around the tweeter to the optional addition of the level controller that never compromises the all-important level interrelationship between speakers, DBM50 is the perfect partner in situations where the only thing that counts is perfection.

Price: $625.00

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