Mackie HR624mk2 Active Studio Reference Monitor

A THX-approved, 6″ high-resolution active studio monitor that offers powerful, accurate mix guidance at a modest cost!

With the same design as the HR824mk2 in a smaller package, the Mackie HR624mk2 high-resolution Active Studio Reference Monitor is the perfect alternative when space is limited. The new Zero Edge Baffle minimizes diffraction for a crystal clear image of your mix, and controls sound waves for wide, even dispersion. Acoustic Space, LF roll-off and HF controls let you easily tailor the sound to suit your space and your taste. And thanks to remarkably linear frequency response, you always get accurate mix translation. Combine all this with superior bass extension, and the Mackie HR624mk2 monitor makes your studio’s sweet spot a full-on sweet zone.

Price: $$629.99

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