SKB SKB-19-P12 Pop-Up Mixer Case

Give your mixing console total protection on the road and have instant angled support at the gig.

Construction details of the SKB-19-P12 Pop-Up Mixer Case meets uncompromising SKB standards, including big corner bumpers and moisture-resistant extruded-aluminum valance. Simply adjust the mixer case’s internal frame to any angle, clamp it in place while mixing, then drop it back down for fast load out. Frame is a full 12 spaces high, so it holds any rack mixer with plenty of room to spare on top for permanent patches and cord storage. This SKB case is worth its weight in gold when doing one-night gigs.

SKB is a premier supplier of instrument and audio equipment cases. SKB builds their cases with military-spec, ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene and premium hardware. All SKB hardshell cases are unconditionally guaranteed forever. That means if you break your pop-up rackmount mixer case, SKB will repair or replace it at no cost to you.

Price: $404.99

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