Sonivox Playa HipHop Strings

8.3GB of premium string content to add just the right flava’ to your most bangin’ hip-hop tracks.

Playa HipHop Strings HipHop Virtual Instrument—from the award-winning SONiVOX Symphonic String Collection—has over 8GB of sounds featuring over 200 different instruments and pad layouts with a truckload of string loops thrown in for good measure.

HipHop Strings brings the most intuitive virtual instrument interface on the planet to create a major piece of music-making muscle. Playa HipHop Strings will help you put some serious Symphonic power into your tracks.

The Sounds:
Playa HipHop Strings puts the power of some of the the world’s best string players at your fingertips. Inside this unassuming little box sits an amazing collection of playable instruments and loops, borne from SONiVOX’s award-winning flagship String library and fine-tuned for your hip-hop production needs. With 20 variations of legato, 20 variations of staccato, 15 different variations of pizzicato, and too many major and minor loops to count, this remarkable instrument covers all the bases. Any time your production needs strings, Playa HipHop Strings is here to do the job with style.

The Playa HipHop Interface:
Learn. Map. Create. It’s that easy. 16 programmable pads and 127 keys provide all you need to keep the creative process going and you don’t need a doctorate to use it. Need more phat? No problem. Playa Hip Hop Strings incorporates an intuitive sound layering functionality allowing you to easily stack sounds until its just right. Need more groove? Dial up Hip Hop String’s tempo synced variable resolution note re-triggering mode, and take master control of those fast tempo or stuttering articulations. FX? Hip Hop Strings has you covered—a sweet chorus, stereo delay, digital reverb, and a just-right 4-band EQ. For those of you with tweaky fingers, they’ve even included fully programmable filter and amplitude envelopes. Bottom line, whether your composing on MPC pads or jamming out on the keys, the Playa HipHop Strings engine was built to have you laying down top-selling music tracks in no time.

The Sonivox library includes amazing players from the world-famous Boston Pops & Boston Ballet Orchestras, Playa HipHop Strings blends exceptional source material with SONiVOX’s renowned sound design talents to create an affordable, yet quality virtual instrument. SONiVOX spared no expense to give you the best strings package for hip-hop production they could assemble.

Price: $149.95

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