Studio Devil Virtual Guitar and Bass Amp Bundle

Three award-winning plug-ins for guitar and bass amp modeling at one great price.

The Studio Devil Virtual Guitar and Bass Amp Bundle delivers 3 award-winning tube amp modeling plug-ins. You get Virtual Guitar Amp, Virtual Bass Amp, and British Valve Custom—all on one CD-ROM compatible with VST, AudioUnits, and ProTools RTAS hosts. Now you can experience the dynamic expression and responsiveness of real tube amps in your next PC- or Mac-based recording project—for less than the price of a decent guitar pedal.

Studio Devil virtual guitar amplification covers a wide range of tones and playing styles, giving you exceptional realism for guitar tube amp emulation. The dynamic response and tones are faithful to those you’d expect from guitar tube amps and the reaction to different playing styles is just like the real thing. While primarily intended for direct recording of both electric guitar and bass, the Studio Devil plug-ins also excel wherever natural tube amp overdrive and distortion are desired.

Studio Devil VGA, Studio Devil VBA, and Studio Devil BVC are loaded with features and options to help you get pro-sounding tone quickly and easily. They come with dynamic tube-modeling algorithms that capture the expression and feel of real tube amps. Even the user-interface design is inspired by the simplicity and ease of real guitar amps for a more direct workflow without complicated menus. You have the choice of built-in FIR Speaker Simulation or D.I. Mode for compatibility with other third-party impulse modeling plug-ins. The Studio Devil Virtual Guitar and Bass Amp Bundle includes efficient DSP algorithms that allow multiple instances without high CPU overhead. The software’s 64-bit processing supports up to 192 kHz.

Price: $149.95

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