The Top 10 Moments and Sets From EDC Las Vegas 2014

America’s biggest EDM festival has drawn to a close and partiers are working on their recovery. A fan and attendee of EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) for years before it made the move from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, I’ve watched the event go from one day to three and expand beyond my wildest dreams (who knew the music I used to get made fun of for liking would become so popular?). While the sound has changed (if you listen to the DJOYbeat podcast, you’ll know I prefer tech house and techno over trap and dubstep), any electronic music fan can find something to suit their taste, including this picky writer. Here are my top memorable moments from EDC 2014.

1. Skream

No, not what everyone was shouting at the stage; I mean the DJ usually known for dubstep along with his cohort Benga. But man, if you missed him digging deep into house and techno for his set, bummer for you. Quite possibly the best track selection I heard at EDC. No wait, it is the best I heard. Fingers crossed it was recorded.

2. Julio Bashmore

Speaking of super-sweet sets, another memory-makers was this Brit who can count a new fan in me after how he was grooving on the decks.

3. Trance cry!

Above & Beyond. They never let me down.

4. “Oh yes, oh yes!”

Also never letting me down during a set? Carl Cox.

5. DJ Dan

Funky disco house lives! If we’re ranking on pure fun of the music, he takes the cake and not one but three dance circles (including some talented hula-hoopers) were formed during his set.

6. Andy C

Yes, I do dig drum ‘n’ bass! And Andy C made me move more than anyone else.

7. Kandi-making

Did you know you could actually make kandi at EDC? If you stopped off in the Bud Light Platinum lounge, there was an area that used a legit candystore-like setup where you could scoop up your beads and get to crafting!

8. “Do you promise to rave together?”

While resting my weary legs by the wedding chapel, whomever was conducting the ceremonies gets a gold star. She was super enthusiastic during each and every faux wedding.

9. Dealing dreads

As an old school raver, I always hand-make some custom dread falls to rock at a massive festival. I get numerous inquiries about them and even a few future orders, but I’ve never had someone who wants them so bad they buy them right off my head. But a one-armed man from Iowa offered me $140 for them, and it was hours before day three was over, so took him up on the deal. Not sure if they were for him or a female friend.

10. Bee molestation

Made the mistake of getting too close to a bumble bee on stilts. He then proceeded to swarm around me for a walk halfway through the festival. Trying to run only made him more determined.

What was your favorite moment? Tell us in the comments below and you could win a Society Against Sad Ravers shirt!

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