Sounds Like Success: Trent Cantrelle Dominates the LA Underground

There’s more to electronic music than lasers and waiting for “the drop.” Sometimes you just need to lose yourself in a groove and listen to the subtle nuances between beats. A good vibe and dope fans heighten the experience where you can drop the pretentious airs and just get down.

Trent Cantrelle creates and plays those kind of parties.

A New Orleans native now based in LA, Cantrelle most recently garnered attention as the first release off of Steve Angello’s new X label. But with more than a decade in the scene, he filled a gap much needed on the West Coast in a world of EDM with his tech house beats and Sound Like parties. From intimate Sunday soirees on the patio at Room 86 (located at Dim Mak Studios), and expanding to a club full of fans who “get it” at Exchange LA, his fanbase keeps growing with each event that turns the lights down low and brings the beats to the forefront of the party. DJOYbeat caught up with Cantrelle during recent Sounds Like parties at Exchange and Room 86 to chat about the growing brand.

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