rue Victor Grignard
Châlons-En-Champagne, 51000 France

About L’alégra

The L’alégra is a major nightclub in the near Reims in Chalons en Champagne. It consists of six different dance halls, and offers karaoke, a swimming pool, a snack bar and a boutique. Each hall is dedicated to different types of music. L’Agora is open on Fridays, Saturdays and on holidays. The resident DJ, DJ Michael, plays a mix of French and international hits. Classic dance hits and current favorites are part of DJ Greg’s sets in La Galaxie, where theme nights and concerts are also organized. Latino music and Reggaton are DJs Jacky and Jean-Yves’ favorite sets in Le Latino every weekend, and the ambiance is caliente. Le Paradisio and its mezzanine are where disco fans can dance to DJ Antonio’s playlist, and le Hacienda is the outdoor terrace. Those who want to try karaoke can step into the Playback on Saturday evenings, with DJ Michael on the board and cocktails at the bar. RnB and Groove is the menu on Saturdays at L’Osiris under the command of DJ Killed. DJ Peche plays a generalist set in Le Caraibe for a hip crowd. And on Saturdays the the VIPs share the comfortable Cercle Rouge above the Galaxie in a very posh ambiance.  Cover charge ranges from 8 to 11 Euros; spirits are 80 Euros a bottle. Smart casual wear required.


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Website: http://www.alegra51.com/


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