323 Bank St.
Ottawa, ON K2P 1X9 Canada
(613) 565 9999

About Barrymore’s

Barrymore is a lighthearted space where jokes and stories fly across the room from one end to the other. It’s this amazing place that will compel you to come and stay as long as your heart desires. The crowd here is great and those who come here believe in having a light hearted conversation over a bunch of drinks. Bond with friends or colleagues who share similar passions and forget all that is annoying and stressful in life.

The place is scattered with tables and chairs that serve the bare minimum, other than that it’s up to you how you choose to have fun and relish your time here. Come as seldom or as often as your heart desires and appreciate the fact that Barrymore’s sole purpose is to entertain and enlighten those who want to unwind and de stress in more ways than one. Laugh out loud and crack up completely, because the crowd here is chilled and amazing.


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