314 11th St
San Francisco, CA 94103 United States
+1 415 500-2675
Hours of Operation : Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun: 22:00 - 2:00
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About Beatbox

The space itself is a converted warehouse, a popular choice for new clubs in San Francisco. With a capacity of 300 people , Beatbox is not the biggest of the pack, but with respect to the quality , grade . The renovated interior retains the basic square shape of the place, and has a dance floor hardwood , exposed brick walls , polished concrete , black leather sofas and large bar , all of which contribute to the overall atmosphere of industrial chic . Roofs with a height of 25 feet allowed to have a VIP mezzanine sections with bottle service and a view of the dance floor . Brightly lighting for the room , lit from behind surfaces , a large laser and light settings , accompanied by the sound system only Danley Sound Labs on the west coast and have a solid club space . Succeeds in having what the owners wanted , “something rough but not dirty ; clean but not polished . ”

The music is faithfully EDM / dance pop / disco (minus two nights country & western) , and is run by a training resident DJs Beatbox : Craig Gaibler , Steve Sherwood, Matt Effect, ATTIK , Tristan Jaxx, Shane Stiel , Robbie Marting and Hawthorne. The guest DJs and performers have included Tiger & Woods , German DJ Koze icon , Slow Hands , Alex Acosta , Danny Krivit , Mike “Agent X” Clark , Chris Cox and revered Crystal Waters. This discerning musical taste has made ​​Beatbox a favorite of house and techno heads.


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