Bo Live

Via Ferraris, 6
Fidenza , 43036 Italy
+39 0524 892028
Hours of Operation : Fri Sat: 22:00 - 4:00

About Bo Live

Bo Live is a club in Fidenza that describes itself as the “living room of music”. It is open on Friday and Saturday and it hosts live events, concerts and DJ sets. The nightclub has two different rooms, each one with its own sound and choice of music, also depending on the day of the week. On Friday the first area is called “Time 2 Beat” and it’s the proper, full-on dancing room, meant as a classic discothèque. Here the DJs play R’n’B, house and commercial dance music, sometimes cooperating with international guest performers. The second area, on Friday, is the “Tropical Radio”, and organizes fun events to dance, jump and sing to the rhythm of a crossover that obliquely touches popular hits of indie, rock, electro, pop, ska and rock’n’roll.

On Saturday Bo Live opens to the over thirty crowd with cover bands and DJ selections. The first room becomes the “Classic” where popular cover bands perform live, plus some live tributes to the biggest name of the industry. After that, it’s all about ’70, ’80, ‘90s music with a selection of commercial dance. The other room is called “Latino” and is dedicated to Latin-American dancing like salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton and performances by the best ballroom schools of the area.


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Dress Code: Casual






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