Bootsy Bellows

9229 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90069 United States
(310) 274-7500
Hours of Operation : Tue Mon Mon: 22:30 - 2:00
Price : $$$$ (Very Expensive)

About Bootsy Bellows

Located on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood is a great night spot that allows you to take a step back in time and lounge in 60’s art deco glam.  This spot is known as Bootsy Bellows.  Bootsy Bellows was a noted burlesque dancer and pinup model in her time and this club is a shout out to her legacy.

Bootsy’s has a great vintage feel to it.  It can transform from concert hall, to intimate theatre, to DJ’d night spot and the venue capitalizes on all of the acts very well. The main look of the venue really plays up the theme.  The walls are black but have various accents to highlight each area, from gold trimmed mirrors to plush upholstered pads to neon lights.  The seating and VIP areas of the venue are done like old theatre house booths and are vey plush upholstered chairs in various colors of gold and red, grey,  peach, and chocolate.  The seating is plentiful or kept mild depending upon the evening’s event. Each bar of the venue accents its area by playing up to the walls and seating around it, so the chairs and walls of the club transfer smoothly into the front and overhang of the bar.

Then of course you cannot forget about the stage it is small and pointedly so as the performers don’t stay on it but carry the acts right into the crowd.  You are not just a spectator at Bootsy’s but also part of the act and it really brings everyone together for a fun time.

Swing in, kick back with some friends, and enjoy a little 60s flair and moxie at Bootsy Bellows!


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