Catalyst Club

1011 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 United States
+1 831 423-1338
Hours of Operation : Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun: 12:00 - 1:30

About Catalyst Club

The Catalyst is a great small concert venue.  Although small, the openness and layout of the venue makes use of ever inch and makes for a larger concert hall feel. The venue plays hosts to several varieties of acts and depending on the concert the age limit varies.

The main floor when entering gives you direct access and view of the stage.  It allows for you to be able to see the show from any location in the room.  It is open with no seating so it’s great for dancing or moshing depending on the band.  There is also a pizza bar where you can grab a slice to enjoy while watching the show.

Upstairs is a great balcony which overlooks the main floor and gives awesome aerial views of the stage.  There are also billiard tables that you are able to play and relax at before and after the shows. Make sure you check out the website as they keep a long list of all upcoming performances.

One thing that is also known about Catalyst is the friendly and great staff.  The bouncers take care of you and make you feel safe, stage personnel are friendly, and the bartenders and restaurant workers always keep a fast pace.

The Catalyst is definitely a great place to go and catch a show!


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