City Nights

715 Harrison St
San Francisco, CA 94107‎ United States
+1 415 546-7938
Hours of Operation : Sat: 21:30 - 2:00
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About City Nights

Let’s be perfectly frank here, City Nights is going to be a love it hate thing for you depending on a few things, the biggest being your age. It is one of the few legal options for the 18+ crowd in the San Francisco, and it comes with the things attendant to being an underage club.  And it caters to its audience, offering after hours, 8 full bars of booze for the adults who venture in, and loud music from up-and-coming and sometimes established locals, with the occasional live show.

City Lights actually bills itself as three separate clubs.  It’s The Crib on Thursdays for a boys-who-like-boys party, Club X on Fridays for its EDM night, and City Lights for Saturdays, which is kind of hip hop, Top 40 type party.  It’s large, 25,000 sq. ft., and has multiple levels, lots of balconies, and a couple different rooms featuring their own DJ setups, lots of bars, bottle service areas

The crowd is what you would expect, lots of kids, lots of early-twenties, young, loud, and making the sorts of questionable decisions you make at that age.  It’s a mix of rowdy and friendly, inviting and a little ghetto. Dress is stylish, trendy, casual chic.

The place is about utility, not elegance.  Not saying they didn’t add some nice touches but its sort of a mish mash without much cohesion: massive LED screen and DJ booth, the go-go cages, the red padded walls, and comfortable couches, red velvet curtains, a decent lighting scheme, and a good laser rig. A little classy, sorta trashy, sometimes tacky (stripper poles on the balconies, Sounds legit) but its built for use by people who don’t necessarily know any better yet.


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