DBA Hollywood

7969 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, California 90046 United States
(855) 367 7969
Hours of Operation : Mon Thu Fri: 22:00 - 2:00; Tue: 21:30 - 2:00
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About DBA Hollywood

DBA – Doing Business As

A Dance Club, Music Venue and Interactive Art Space

The newest Cardiff Giant venture, DBA (Doing Business As), will push the boundaries of what a nightclub can be by providing a “blank canvas” to guest curators who will be invited to take over the space for a seasonal exhibition and create an environment that will attract art enthusiasts and partygoers alike. Guest curators will be given full control of creative direction that will extend to the venue’s exhibition name, decor, fixtures, staging, set/costume design, and creation of a storefront window that will the present the theme as well as preview what is to be found inside.

During the day and non-operating nights, the 6,000 square foot venue will serve a variety of functions including an art gallery, filming location, photo studio, event space and more. At night, the club belongs to the curator and guests are invited into the world they create. The space, which holds a capacity of over 600 people, offers countless configurations allowing the curator to decide where everything from the bars, stages, tables and seating can go.

“When coming up with the concept for DBA we deliberately wanted to play into the fact that in hospitality, and more so with nightlife, people want to constantly be surprised and stimulated.” says Beau Laughlin (CEO, co-owner Cardiff Giant). “We envisioned a space where art, culture, music and lifestyle converge, and now we’re excited to see what each curator will do.”


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Website: http://www.dbahollywood.com/






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