EOS Lounge

500 Anacapa St.
Santa Barbara, CA United States
+1 805 564-2410
Hours of Operation : Wed Thu Fri Sat: 20:00 - 2:00
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About EOS Lounge

Located directly off of Anacapa Street in Santa Barbara, CA, you will find the uniquely inspired EOS Lounge. This is regarded as the “premier” nightclub and lounge of the Santa Barbara area for young adults to really let loose and enjoy the nightlife. There is a quaint atmosphere that is established by the open floor plan and the exposed brick walls, which is quickly transformed through out the night. This nightclub and lounge attracts a younger crowd that gets to experience the amazing light show that takes place during the musical performances through out the night.  You and your party will be able to discover new music that is mixed by professional and popular DJs. There are parties that are hosted by upscale and hugely popular contributors such as VANITY.

The fun atmosphere created by the patrons and the skilled bar staff is one that you will not find anywhere else in the Santa Barbara area. You can pay to enjoy the dance floor, or you can really make the most of your experience by upgrading to the VIP list.  You can make your experience at EOS Lounge as wild, or intimate as you desire depending on your needs for dancing and/ or bottle service.


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Dress Code: Dressy

Website: http://www.eoslounge.com/







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