Gloobal Club

Narcís Monturiol, 12
Barcelona, 56 Spain

About Gloobal Club

Gloobal Club is a night club located in Sabadell, just a few kilometers away from Barcelona. If you have to describe it with just one word, it would for sure be “glamourous.” Gloobal Club is a dynamic night club where renowned DJs from all over the world bring the audiences thrilling sessions, which are filled with energy and power. The club’s sound system ensures that you will be able to enjoy those sessions at the highest possible volume. Gloobal Club is internationally known and it often hosts SuperMartxé parties, so if you are about to visit you will meet luxury and glam. The party never ends at Gloobal Club, which remains opened almost until midday. The main dance floor, with wonderful lighting effects, hosts a large scenery where go-go dancers and experienced artists bring you their best. Multicolored lights, shining decorative elements, never-ending music, and an audience that is ready to party all night are the main elements of this exclusive venue.


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