GOA Club

Via Libetta 13
Rome, 07 00154 Italy
+ 39 065748277
Price : $$$ (Expensive)

About GOA Club

GOA is a very characteristic nightclub opened in 1996 in a bohemian area of Rome (behind the old market). The club was built in an old motorbike shop and styled as an English lord’s Indian mansion. The result is an exotic and almost decadent atmosphere that all in all can be read as trendy. The furniture is not the only way the funders of the club decided to distinguish it from the others: GOA is known for playing avant-garde and innovative music that doesn’t follow the trends of the moment, giving people in Rome an alternative and more peculiar option for their nights.

Resident and guest DJs play a wide variety of music: form acid jazz to trip hop and contemporary minimal tech. The club has hosted some of the biggest and best representatives of the panorama of electronic music: world famous artists and DJs. Today over its 18th birthday, GOA has reached an international reputation as one the most interesting alternative nightclubs. Giancarlino leads the way of this music factory dedicated to electro and techno.


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Dress Code: Club Attire

Website: http://www.goaclub.com




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