Il Ciclope

S.s. 562 0 (SA)
Camerota, 04 Italy
+39 3481222904

About Il Ciclope

Il Ciclope is a club near Palinuro and Marina di Camerota in the province of Salerno. It is a very unusual location that rises beneath four beautiful natural caves, a new private section that also works as an actual amphitheatre has been added lately.
It’s not a surprise that the club has earned the title of “the cave of the music” around the area, it has hosted some very famous names as guest DeeJays. Some examples? Todd Terry, Little Louie Vega, David Morales, Frankie Knukles, Claudio Coccoluto, Roger Sanchez, Tony Humphries. Some Italian television stars have also attended as guests, some of whom you might even know (or at least remember): Valeria Marini, Samantha de Grenet, Nina Moric, Gabriella Carlucci and Federica Panicucci. The list doesn’t end here, in fact il Ciclope ha also organized live concerts with notorious Italian singers like Alex Britti, Sottotono, Tony Esposito, and even Edoardo Bennato.
Il Ciclope nightclub hosts several music events with DJ sets, but the most famous is “Notte del Mito”, a night in the summer season that every year, since 1982, showcases the full potential of the club. This event is even aired on tv sometimes.


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