Infusion Lounge San Francisco

124 Ellis Street
San Francisco, CA 94102 United States
+1 415 421-8700
Hours of Operation : Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat: 18:00 - 2:00
Price : $$$ (Expensive)

About Infusion Lounge San Francisco

Occupying in the neighborhood of 6,000 sq. ft. of prime real estate in Union Square, Infusion Lounge is Las Vegas glitz and glam, opulence, and ultra-lounge atmosphere in San Francisco.  No, it isn’t as big as some of the mega-clubs, but thanks to Hong Kong design guru Kinney Chan, as far as the elegance, quality, and beauty of the place goes, it’s spot on.

The Asian-inspired interior is a mostly red and black, visual overload of intricate patterns, funky accents – like the hologram behind the bar, or the glowing pillars, and neon and LED backlit everything.  A mix of hardwoods, concrete, glass and acrylics, the textures blend and create something unique. It’s an incredibly busy, but cohesive space, with enough little details to keep you looking.

Once you walk down the stairs into the main lounge area, you’ll see the long bar, a spacious lounge area with plenty of seating, a decent sized dance floor towards the back, and some slightly elevated VIP/bottle service areas.

The music trends towards hip hop and Top 40 with flashes of EDM and dance pop.  Infusion’s cast of rotating residents DJ Weapon, E Rock, Miles Medina, Romeo Reyes, and DLux hold the decks down the majority of the time, but there are also a healthy dose of Vegas residents like Shift, Ikon, and Karm coming through.  A few bigger names have dropped by including DJ Homicide, Graham Funke, and LMFAO’s Sky

Infusion is a favored haunt for the celebrity and athlete crowd. The crowd is the mid-twenties to early thirties, young, rich, stylish and trendy. Eye candy aplenty, for guys and girls. This is dress to impress turned all the way up, serious see-and-be-seen territory.  Bring your A Game, or you may end up hanging on the sidewalk.  As you might expect, the door and line experience can be daunting on the weekends.  There’s a 1:1 girl/guy ratio occasionally, and the best way in is reserve a section.




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