Kingdom Austin

103 E. 5th St. Suite B
Austin, TX 78701 United States
+1 512-653-2546
Hours of Operation : Thu Fri Sat Sun: 22:00 - 2:00; Fri Sat: 2:30 - 4:30
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About Kingdom Austin

Austin’s leading night club is all about dance and with an innovative lineup and concentration on sound, lighting and effects, the club always creates an extraordinary experience for its guests.

Old architectural elements help emphasis the euphoric ambiance as you drift into the night with the DJs beats in the background.

This boutique dance club is everything but ordinary!

At a certain point if you trek through the dance scene of Texas long enough, you will hear tales of the legendary nightclub known as Kingdom. While a lot of the stories are exaggerations, there are a lot more that are true. The elusive nightclub has played host to plenty of mega name Djs, secret parties and after hours sets to make even the most jaded dance scenester take stock of who they know, and how connected they are. That’s why it should come as no surprise that most of the events at Kingdom now carry ticket requirements. While there are still the free dance shows, and surprise parties that don’t carry a cover, they are still subject to the laws of the club, and you can find yourself waiting in a crowd of people littered down the strangely urbane alleyway that Kingdom’s front door calls home.

As for the club itself, Kingdom definitely knows its market, and provides all the bells and whistles that the pretty, and elite should require for successful night of partying. Opulent dance floors, and booths all supplemented by a gracious staff that provides impeccable service and ambiance. Even more amazing is that the staff manages to maintain their friendly vibe, and on point service when the club transitions to its after hours offerings and basically becomes a speakeasy. The only drawback of Kingdom’s dominance is that it’s not always easy to catch a drink, and there are definitely lots of creepers on the look out for a quick hook up. Stay on your game, and you should have a blast at one of Austin’s premier clubs.


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