Severino Fern√°ndez
Navarra, Spain
+34 650 97 42 25

About KUBE

Kube is a night club located in a village named Tafalla, just 35 km. away from Pamplona, the main city in Navarra. This is a place for people who never get tired of having fun, so it is opened from 12pm. to 11am. The club is divided into two different environments. The first one is dedicated to the hits of the moment, so lovers of commercial music will enjoy dancing the latest trends. The second one is dedicated to electro music, and it is there that the main DJ sessions take place. Both of the rooms have a modern and psychedelic decoration with amazing lighting effects and several bar counters. This is not a place for teenagers, but for adults looking for a diversion and serious musical experiences. The price of the tickets depend on the event taking part each night, but they always include a drink or two. Take a look on their DJ sessions program, which is very varied and curated.


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