Leland City Club

400 Bagley Ave
Detroit, MI 48226‎ United States
+1 313 962-2300
Hours of Operation : Fri Sat: 22:00 - 4:30
Price : $$ (Moderate)
Capacity : 750

About Leland City Club

Is it any wonder that in a city with the economic and social history of Detroit, that the Goth/Industrial scene has taken hold and thrived in the Motor City?  It shouldn’t be.  Heavy times breed heavy people.  Which isn’t to say you should be intimidated walking into the Leland City Club.  Far from it.  It is a welcoming, friendly crowd, despite the preference of the people in it to wear black and appear grim.  In fact, the ambiance is sort of at odds with the theme.

A long time favorite of music stars (including Depeche Mode, the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Smashing Pumpkins and Rob Zombie), the City Club sits in the historic Leland hotel, once the favored haunt for some of the city’s more infamous crooks and gangsters, and the grit and grime of the city have embedded themselves in the DNA of club.  It is not a fancy club.  It does not pretend it is glam and glitz.  It is what it is, a venue that reflects the condition of the city and the people: ramshackle and gritty, but friendly, accepting and most importantly a lot of fun.  Billed as “high-energy industrial cutting edge music, dark, mysterious, scantily clad women, good-looking, sexy men, cigarette smoke and cheap drinks,” the odds are if you’re happy in a dive bar, you’ll be happy here.

To skew the odds in favor of your happiness, Saturdays feature signature cocktails including the Angel (tastes like Kool-Aid), the Vampire Kiss and the Purple Jesus, all of which are famous for two things: tasting good and getting you where you want to be quickly.


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Dress Code: Club Attire

Website: http://www.lelandcityclub.net






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