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Bologna Bo, Italy Italy

About Link

If you are from Bologna or if you’ve ever been in Bologna, you probably know Link. Since its first memorable location in Fioravanti road, this club has seen some heavyweighst getting on its stage. The new club maintains these standards, presenting live performance of different genres. Link is the kind of place where you can dance your shoes off or just hang out and listen to some good music. Dj set and live music, but also art, theatre, installations, workshops, festivals and other occasions: Link often collaborates with the municipality of Bologna and with the University of Bologna to organize special events for the youth of the city.

Link has joined a very smart policy that fortunately is becoming popular also in Italy. For those who don’t have a car or are still to young to have license and, more importantly, for people who’ve had one drink too many (above 0,5 gr/l blood alcohol level), Link provides a round-ride shuttle service.

From September 2012 Link has affiliated to the nation circuit AICS (Culture and Sport Italian Association) and offer several services and benefits to the owners of the AICS card.


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