Liquor Store Party Bar

128 York street
Ottawa, ON K1N Canada

About Liquor Store Party Bar

Your senses will be sent to cloud nine and you’ll experience dizzying heights of headiness and ecstasy. This place offers you all the liquor you want in the best ways you want it. Exclusive with the vibe that is vintage, this place offers you everything that the heart can possibly want; from a glass of chilled martini to gin and tonic. If this isn’t good enough for you, then we suggest that you grab a bottle of Jack Daniels and have it neat. It’s a liquor party that knows how to make you fuzzy and forget that there is an actual morning after a “delicious Saturday night.”

Party like there is no tomorrow, and trust us, you’ll be addicted to this place in no time. It’s young and aggressive and this place definitely knows how to escalate your senses. Liquor store party bar is a great place to visit if your main idea of fun is to get sloshed and totally hammered!


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