Luna Rossa

Strada Statale 35 Bi Dei Giovi (AL)
Bosco Marengo, Piedmont Italy
+39 3292292828

About Luna Rossa

Luna Rossa is a restaurant and nightclub in Bosco Marengo, a little town located between Alessandria e Tortona. Easily accessible through a very frequented highway the club is one of the most popular venues in northern Italy drawing people from Genoa, Milan, Novara, Cuneo, Vercelli and Savona.
Founded in 1999, Luna Rossa is a nice location with a versatile interior design that goes well both for a dinner party and a dancing night. Over the years this club has hosted many events with relevant avant-garde guest DeeJays (like Claudio Coccoluto, Alex Neri and Luca Agnelli) that have gained it a reputation for fun and good music. Luna Rossa is divided into two areas, one for the summer and one for the winter. It is also structured on two floors and in three different areas, each one with its own sound: the main room plays commercial music; the privet offers house beat; in a smaller room you can listen to revivals.
Luna Rossa also has a big restaurant where you can eat Italian food (buffet or menu) and drink wine for 25 euros/person. During the summer the restaurant moves to the terrace and the entire nightclub is set up around the pool.


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