Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel

79 Washington St
Providence, RI 2903 United States
+1 401 272-5876

About Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel

Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel originally opened in 1975 and has done so well and is so beloved that it is now in its third and largest location since its opening!  Originally it was started to be a mixture of a live band and jukebox joint but in recent years has expanded to host a large variety of artists from various genres and focused mostly on the live bands.

The current location is in the former Strand building which is an old theater that still maintains a lot of its original theater design.  The theater aspect provides great acoustics to listen to live acts.  They even have bouncers and ushers who check your tickets and escort you to your seat.  It provides a perfect mixture of old time charm and modern sound and style. The bars are located on the first level so make sure to grab your drink before you head up to the balcony seats which are available.

The great thing about seeing a show here is the history of both the theater and history of LHH themselves.  Started by a man who loved his 45 RPM records, Blues, and Jazz and wanted a place where he could bring name acts in as well as host local bands this has grown into the ultimate vision of that initial dream.

Go see a show at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel while in Providence, it is an experience you will enjoy and not soon forget.


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