Nou de Sant Francesc, 5
Barcelona, Catalonia Spain

About Macarena

Macarena is a nightclub located close to the main street of Barcelona, the Rambla. It has become a cult space for music and night lovers. As some other venues, it has a curious history behind it. The space was a “tablao flamenco” for a few decades, but nowadays (and from 2001) is an avant-gardist space with some of the most innovative DJ sessions in the city. It has become famous because of the top quality of the sound system and the lighting effects, being both things responsible for the fame it has as one of the most avant-gardist nightclubs in the city. The crowd is generally over 30 years old, people looking for both fun and quality when going out at night. It has a casual mood and it is conceived to have fun and to hang around with your friends. Macarena remains opened until very late, so you can spend the whole night dancing. It is a small space, with a lot of people inside, but not too crowded, you can dance, you can talk and you can have fun. Macarena is a small place for having a great night out.


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