Madrid Arena

Pabellones Casa de Campo
Avda. Campo de las naciones s/n
Madrid, Spain Spain

About Madrid Arena

Madrid Arena is a municipal sports pavilion. It was designed by some of the most avang-gardist architects in Spain and it has a very singular structure with a lot of curved glass. This huge venue hosts up to 15,000 people. Despite of the sports events that take place there, it hosts yearly macro concerts of international artists such as Green Day, Backstreet Boys, James Blunt, and Dover. Furthermore, the Municipal House of Madrid (which owns the building) rents it for some party organizers. This is a place for mainstream music, including pop, rock and electro music. People from all over the country visit this venue looking for an extreme musical experience, and they usually find it. The venue has an extremely powerful sound system and lighting effects. This is not a night club with a regular program, but a place for special (and mass) events.


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