Malindi Biky Beach Club

Zona Parco Le Navi
Santa Giustina, 20 Italy
+39 3356571045, 335224458

About Malindi Biky Beach Club

Malindi Biky Beach Club is a nightclub that faces the Cattolica beach near the Oasi del Conca. The club is set in the historic architectural site called “Le Navi”, which was restructured in order to bring it back to its original magnificence and historical value as an important site for the maritime tradition. According to that Malindi Biky Beach Club has been recently restyled. The club is a place to have fun day and night listening or dancing to music or to relax at the beach while by an impressive view. The structure is huge, spreading on an area of 10.000 square meters along the sea. It is well integrated into Cattolica’s urban structure. The venue offers multiple services and is composed by different areas: an evening restaurant, a “drink & food” bar on the beach, a disco-bar for cocktails and dancing (with a DeeJay set), live music with concerts and/or DeeJays, and finally the beach resort, open all day long. Malindi Biky Beach Club is a very popular location among the clubs along the beach, it is perfectly suitable for summer events and parties.


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