Marquee Theatre

730 N Mill Ave
Tempe, AZ 85281 United States
+1 480-829-0607
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About Marquee Theatre

Located north of Arizona State University in Tempe, the dingy “Marquee Theatre” is representing itself in true rock-style manner, being one of the last clubs living a Rock’n’Roll life. The floors are dirty and sticky, it’s crammed and squishy and it barely has any seating, unless you’d like to hang out on the patio and listen to music instead of enjoying a live show.

The venue’s bookers consistently ensure great acts at incredibly small prices, having scored artists such as NIN, City & Colour, Muse, Kings of Leon, Interpol, The Black Keys, Sigur Rós, Jimmy Eat World, Modest Mouse, Social Distortion, Tiger Army, Megadeath and Deftones in the past.

With its bare minimum in terms of interior and ambiance, you quickly realise that this place is all about music. The “Marquee” is also one of the last places, where the diverse crowd, consisting adults of all ages and friends of all races, can still mosh and crowd surf – something having become quite sparse in the concert landscape nowadays.

A haven for concert enthusiasts with a defined music palate.

Note: Security is pretty tight at the “Marquee”, so be prepared to take off your shoes and leave all “un-necessities” behind. Also you’ll be charged a 7$ parking cover, unless you’ll be light-railing it.


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