Mesa Theater and Club

538 Main Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501 United States
+1 970 241-1717
Hours of Operation : Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat: 17:00 - 2:00
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About Mesa Theater and Club

Purchased from the former owner in August of 2012, Andrew and Amanda Pittman took over the Mesa Theater and immediately began the task of updating and reanimating the reputation of this great live music venue.

One of several historical buildings in the downtown area, the Theater itself holds a special place in the hearts of much of this community, and has for decades. The new owners made a definitive choice to make the business reputable on both a local and national level, and immediately began work on uniting the staff, the community, the agents, and the artists who have frequented the Mesa into one large, albeit loud and unruly, family. Great shows have always been known to come to this venue, but only several national acts came through per year. Those numbers have now increased to several each month, and literally dozens per year.

The Mesa is effectively two completely separate businesses, as the Lounge houses the lower bar and its own sound system. This area was formerly the lobby of the main theater, or the “Big Room” as we call it, and has given rise to its own regular clientele and sense of personality. Add to that the fact that the Pittmans added a fenced-in outside patio area to help our visitors enjoy the festivities that regularly occur on Main Street, and you have a friendly “local bar” that is open on more days than just when we have a show up on the marquis.

The Big Room can be configured in several ways, and in addition to the large professional sound system, it is also home to our Sky Bar. This room seats 450 comfortably for comedy or speaking engagements, and 700 or more for large concert events. All in all, we can make our venue fit almost any need, from private parties to national tours.


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