Goffartstrasse 26
Aachen, 52066 Germany
+49 241 532 180
Price : $ (Inexpensive)

About Musikbunker

With a more shady appearance on the outside, underlined by graffiti and the absence of any extravagance, the club truly lives up to its name. Ideally located within a short stroll from the city center, Musikbunker’s two stages offer a variety of events, DJ nights and concerts taking you on a colorful ride through a landscape of different music styles.

With events like the infamous “Punkrock Karaoke,” Goa, or Tropicana Nights, you can also catch diverse DJ sets regularly. The local DJ team MIOKI, residents of the biggest hip-hop festival in central Europe, rock you regularly with their four turntables and a combination of music styles and techniques.  They have teamed with international heavyweights such as Large Professor, Sugar Hill Gang, and DJ Vadim.  From experimental rock by Califone as well as numerous bands in the metal, punk, ska or even gypsy bluegrass terrain, there surely is a great program to pick from.

The club is located in the basement, which also serves as rehearsal room for numerous bands, and has great charm attracting an interesting mix of people from all walks of life or age group. If you need a break, you can do so in style and catch some fresh air in the park upstairs.

Despite the 2000 people the club can hold, there’s only one bar to order drinks from, which can turn into a challenge in itself, depending on how busy the night. If you’re prepared for that and come organized, Musikbunker can become the hero of your night in Aachen!


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