2350 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60614‎ United States
+1 773 528-2622
Hours of Operation : Wed Thu Fri Sun: 22:00 - 4:00; Sat: 22:00 - 5:00
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About Neo

Any tour of Chicago’s alternative scene would not be complete without visiting Neo, the city’s oldest nightclub. The thirty year veteran of Chicago’s alternative scene might be old, but this dog still serves up plenty of new tricks. All the best alternative music gets played, while the patrons get served strong drinks and ice cold brews.

Visitors to Neo better be prepared to dance. While there are tables lining the perimeter, wall flowers will be noticed in this one room club. Although a rest period every now and then to take in the avant-garde videos and film clips being played on the surrounding televisions is understandable.

The club is not well lit, but doesn’t want to be. The ambiance of Neo encourages visitors to let loose and leave their nine to five personalities at the door. What light is provided often comes by way of a candle or a strobe light. While there isn’t a dress code, expect to stand out (as much as you can in the low light) if you’re not wearing a lot of black.

Kiss your inhibitions goodbye and travel deep into the heart of Lincoln Park to join the rest of Neo’s loyal following as they dance in the dark.


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Dress Code: Casual






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