Nitsa (Sala Apolo)

C/ Nou de la Rambla, 113,
Barcelona, Catalonia Spain
+34 933 01 00 90

About Nitsa (Sala Apolo)

Nitsa Club is kind of the small brother of the Sala Apolo, a mythical venue for those who love clubbing in Barcelona. The club is strongly linked with the development of electro music in the city of Barcelona, and it is the place where music festivals such as Sonar or Primavera Sound were first thought. Many renowned DJs have visited Nitsa Club, which was established on 1994. It was just a few years ago that it moved into the Sala Apolo, leaving behind a smaller venue that was famous for the rotatory dance floor.

Anyway, the Nitsa Club we can enjoy nowadays hasn’t lost its essence, and it keeps on programming high quality techno, electro, pop, rock and house music. Located in the very heart of the city center, Nitsa Club is a venue that brings the audiences high quality DJ sessions (for instance, John Talabot has performed there many times). It is a place for making friends, for having fun and for smiling and dancing all night long. It is a place for meeting beautiful people and for dancing with beautiful people all night long . It has good sound quality and some lighting effects, but most of all it has good music and good people.


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