Königsbrücker Strasse 47
Dresden, 01099 Germany
Price : $ (Inexpensive)

About Ostpol

With authentic wallpaper and furniture taking you back in time, Ostpol is a bar that has successfully revived the optical spirit of the former GDR. Home-owned and home-run, the place has a friendly atmosphere and incredibly low prices as opposed to most bars you’ll find around. There is a dance floor, enough room to chill, and an outdoor area in summer, where you can enjoy a cold beer whilst watching the daily grind on “Königsbrückerstrasse.”

Music styles span from the Sixties to todays and highlight particularly underexposed pearls you’ll rarely find on a mainstream level. Iconic concerts such as Cats on Fire, Nick Olivery and Motorama show no lack of eccentricity and go hand-in-hand with playing ping-pong over 2 Euro shots of Rostocker Doppelkorn, or other German “Klar & Kräuter” atrocities.

Other than its ridiculously cheap prices, the bar is infamous for its selection of long forgotten “drinks from the East,” Czech and Polish beer plus fruity cherry and apple wines, which are nowadays hard to find.

Needless to say, the entry resumes around the incredible amount of 2.50 Euros. Come early as the venue fills up quickly.


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Dress Code: Club Attire

Website: http://www.ost-pol.de



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