Tetuán, 27
Madrid, 29 Spain

About Podenco

Located in the very heart of Madrid, just a few steps away from the Gran Vía, Podenco is a very singular disco. It opens on Thursday from midnight until 5.00 am., and it is entirely dedicated to electro music. Maybe you’re wondering why it is only opened on Thursday. The answer is simple: during the rest of the week, Podenco does not exist, since it is hosted in the same venue as the club known as La Boite. But, on Thursdays, it dresses up in very different clothes and it hosts electro music sessions from different DJs both national and international. Sessions are entirely dedicated to electro music, so this is a place for electro music lovers. Sessions are really avant-gardist, and they are not mainstream at all. Thanks to Podenco DJ sessions, you will be able to discover the latest trends in electro, techno, and house music. This is not only a place for going out and having a drink, but a cult space for those who adore electro music and consider it a way of life.


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