Pure Lounge

146 S Murphy Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086‎ United States
+1 408 732-2121
Hours of Operation : Fri Sat: 22:00 - 1:30
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About Pure Lounge

Located in Sunnyvale (think San Jose, south bay area more than San Francisco proper), Pure Lounge isn’t quite what the name implies.  With 10,000 sq. ft., vaulted ceilings and massive white columns, Pure is way more club than lounge.

The cavernous main room is mostly white, but rather than rely solely on the extensive lighting arrangement, Pure also uses a lot of textured walls and accents to complement the rest of the club.  Towering, elegant columns line the walls, and gently curving arches, evoke the sense of elegant dreaminess the club is going for.  Bathed in an ocean of bluish, purple lighting, the effect can be entrancing.  The main bar caps one end of the space, while booths, VIP sections, couches and tables line the walls and along with a small catwalk/stage, break up the wide-open floor.  Over the main bar is a second floor lounge, with its own distinct crimson theme, its own bar and separate DJ, and a great view of the rest of the club. Different sections are elevated at different levels throughout the club, so the effect is that there are lots of distinct little areas of the floor.  LED accent lighting throughout the venue (including built into the tables) adds to the visual treats.  Go-go dancer balconies and windows dot the walls. The large, main dance floor, is overlooked by an elevated DJ booth, and is visible throughout the club.  Music stays in that comfortable zone of EDM, hip hop, dance, and Top 40, some nights leaning towards one more than the others.  Rather than rely on big names to pull crowds, Pure counts on respected, established residents, a rotating cast of talented locals, and the occasional guests like trap heroes the Verdugo Brothers, and the hot and talented San Diego-based Megan Daniels.

The crowds are mixed-age, but lean towards the upscale, trendy and stylish.  Dress to impress territory.  This is not a casual place, no sneakers, button in your shirts, and especially, no visible tattoos.



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Dress Code: Club Attire

Website: http://www.purelounge408.com/






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