RE Club

Reggio Nell'emilia, 05 Italy
+1 0 522 941416

About RE Club

Villa Cella in Reggio Emilia has always been home of a big dance club, first Marabù and now RE club. This project started in 2005 with the Drive Inn, and since then the venue has been constantly renewed in order to keep up to date with the requirements of modern entertainment. Each season, RE club hires designers and specialists to update the design especially considering of the audio system, lights and video. This approached has allowed the venue to prove itself as one of the most  capacious and safe clubs in the city.

Starting September 2013 RE club will be subjected to a new restyling process: new colors, new lights, new style, new sound system and this time even a brand new logo.

RE club is set on two different floors. On the ground floor you can find the entrance hall that leads to the main room. This area is equipped with three bars, several sitting places and a big stage, very suitable for big live events. When not used in a concert, this stage becomes a DeeJay station. Using the inside stairs you can get to the main terrace from which you have a 360 degree view of the club. From the terrace you can also access to the second room, which is used as a dining area and also for live entertainment.


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