Republic Live

301 W 5th St
Austin, TX 78701‎ United States
+1 512 895-9567
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About Republic Live

From the heart of downtown Austin, emerges Republic Live. Austin’s newest concert and event venue. It’s location in the warehouse district makes it ideal to host any type of event. The in-house lights and sound are unrivaled by any other venue in

Republic Live is a truly massive affair, and a testament to what some thought a bygone era of megaclub dominance in the dance scene. Do you remember the days of endlessly dancing to Paul Oakenfold while cascades of bubbles rained down from the ceiling all over you and your possibly intoxicated friends? Well that was likely just another weekend of being in business for the folks at Republic Live. Yes, dramatic displays of lights, dancing, booze and every other imaginable hallmark of nightclub opulence are going to be your primary sources of company if you pay the trendy spot a visit. None of these things are necessarily bad as long as you have some sense of awareness of what you’re getting into. Veteran nightlife junkies will likely fall in love with Republic Live’s commitment to recreating a time when going to the club meant going on an adventure, while the hipster crowd will likely decry the massive size, and lack of intimacy.

It’s hard to argue with results though, as the place is packed to the gills most nights, and manages to pull down some heavyweight talent to DJ sets there. And really, when you have a venue that can hold over 700 people on its maple construction dance floor is there anything else you need to do? Republic Live seems to think the answer to that is “more drinks, more volume.” and that’s a hard mantra to ignore. So if you’re looking to reconnect with an averted, or delayed past of former dancing, and nightlife glory, Republic Live might be the best place to do it. Expect lots of young folks, and modern dance scenesters if you go, so don’t break out the marshmallow coat and oakleys and expect a throwback scene.


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